LUNA’s Collapse and The Hypothetical Moon Explosion: A Tale of Two Moons

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In a peculiar convergence of celestial and digital worlds, we find ourselves confronted with the tale of two moons: the physical Moon that orbits our planet, and LUNA, a cryptocurrency that orbits the digital economy. Their stories share an uncanny resonance, one characterized by cataclysmic change and far-reaching consequences.

The Fall of LUNA: A Digital Moon’s Downfall

In the realm of cryptocurrencies, LUNA, associated with the Terra blockchain, experienced a catastrophic collapse in May 2022, shedding over 99 percent of its value in a few short days. This dramatic collapse was intrinsically linked to LUNA’s sister currency, TerraUSD (UST), an algorithmic stablecoin designed to track the U.S. dollar.

Unlike traditional stablecoins like Tether (USDT), which are backed by a collateral reserve, UST’s stability relies on complex software engineering. LUNA plays a crucial role in controlling the supply of TerraUSD to maintain its dollar peg​. The mechanism between LUNA and TerraUSD is designed to maintain UST’s value close to $1. When UST’s value dips below $1, holders can burn the token and receive $1 of LUNA in exchange, reducing the supply and supporting UST’s price. Conversely, when UST’s value rises above $1, traders are incentivized to exchange LUNA for TerraUSD, increasing the supply of UST and lowering its price​.

However, this balance was disrupted when $2 billion in UST was withdrawn all at once, causing panic in the market. The result was a sharp depegging of UST from the U.S. dollar. The UST-LUNA exchange mechanism couldn’t cope with this sudden change, causing a crash in the value of both UST and LUNA, with LUNA’s value plunging to a fraction of a penny​​.

The Hypothetical Moon Explosion: An Astronomical Thought Experiment

In a contrasting yet strangely parallel narrative, we consider a hypothetical scenario where our physical Moon explodes. This celestial spectacle would involve the Moon breaking apart into numerous pieces, some moving away from Earth, others hurtling towards it. The aftermath of such an event would be determined by the explosion’s strength.

A weaker explosion could result in the creation of new moons around Earth. A stronger explosion might scatter debris away from Earth or cause it to fall towards us, forming meteors that could strike our planet’s surface. An intermediate outcome could be the formation of planetary rings around Earth, akin to those of Saturn​​.

Such an event would drastically alter our planet’s landscape and life. The night sky would transform, with increased visibility of distant stars but also an influx of meteors and meteorites. The Earth’s rotation, tides, and even the tilt of its axis would undergo significant changes. The tilt change could affect global temperatures and seasons, potentially leading to phenomena like ice ages in unusual parts of the globe.


The tale of these two moons, one digital and one celestial, provides a fascinating study in collapse and potential cataclysm. Each ‘moon’ holds a significant influence over its respective world – the Terra blockchain in the case of LUNA, and Earth in the case of our physical Moon. Their stories serve as a reminder of the delicate balance and interdependence within and across our digital and physical worlds. In both realms, a single destabilizing event can trigger far-reaching, and sometimes irreversible, consequences.

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