Anna Kendrick Net Worth

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Renowned for her distinctive charm and unique talent, Anna Kendrick has carved a niche for herself in Hollywood, earning significant wealth along the way. Beyond her acting career, Kendrick has also showcased her savvy investor side with holdings in diverse fields from conventional investments to the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs. This comprehensive breakdown gives a clear picture of Anna Kendrick’s net worth

Anna Kendrick’s Net Worth

Earnings (Main Company)$20 million (estimated)
Earnings (Investing)$5 million (estimated)
Investments$10 million (estimated)
Crypto Investments$1 million (estimated)
NFT Investments$0.5 million (estimated)
Real Estate$6 million (estimated)
Total Net Worth$42.5 million (average of estimates)
Net Worth Range$40 million to $45 million
Updated Apr. 2023


As one of Hollywood’s leading actresses, Anna Kendrick’s earnings from her acting career are a significant portion of her wealth. She has made a name for herself in successful movies like ‘Pitch Perfect,’ ‘Twilight,’ and ‘Up in the Air,’ which have greatly contributed to her estimated earnings of $20 million.

Earnings (Investing)

Apart from acting, Kendrick has been investing wisely in various ventures, significantly multiplying her earnings. Her estimated earnings from these investments amount to around $5 million. These investments range from tech startups to health and wellness industries.


Anna Kendrick has an estimated $10 million invested in various sectors. Her diversified investment portfolio includes holdings in a broad spectrum of businesses, spanning tech companies to lifestyle brands. This has proven to be a significant source of income for the actress.

Crypto Investments

In the ever-evolving world of digital currencies, Anna Kendrick has made significant strides. She has an estimated $1 million invested in various cryptocurrencies. This venture showcases her forward-thinking approach and willingness to embrace new technology.

NFT Investments

Anna Kendrick has also delved into the emerging world of NFTs, with an estimated investment of $0.5 million. These investments underline her innovative investment approach, staying ahead of trends in the financial world.

Real Estate

Anna Kendrick’s real estate portfolio, valued at around $6 million, includes properties in Los Angeles. Her real estate investments highlight her financial acumen and a keen eye for valuable assets.

Total Net Worth

With her diverse income streams, Anna Kendrick’s total estimated net worth stands at $42.5 million. This substantial net worth testifies to her successful career, smart investments, and the considerable wealth she has amassed over time.

Net Worth Range

Anna Kendrick’s net worth range is estimated between $40 million and $45 million. This range takes into account her multiple income streams, investments, and the volatility of the market, providing a more comprehensive view of her financial status.

Final Thoughts

Anna Kendrick’s financial journey is a testament to her successful career and savvy investing skills. Her varied portfolio showcases her adaptability to changes in the financial landscape and underscores the importance of diversifying income sources. As she continues to flourish in her career and investments, it will be interesting to see how her net worth evolves in the future.


What is Anna Kendrick’s net worth?

Anna Kendrick’s total estimated net worth is around $42.5 million as of April 2023. This figure is the average of estimates and includes her earnings from acting, investments in various sectors, real estate properties, and her stakes in cryptocurrency and NFTs.

How does Anna Kendrick earn her money?

Anna Kendrick earns her wealth from multiple sources. Her primary income source is her successful acting career in Hollywood, with notable roles in films like ‘Pitch Perfect,’ ‘Twilight,’ and ‘Up in the Air.’ Apart from acting, she also earns from her wise investments in various sectors, including tech startups and health and wellness industries. She also has holdings in real estate, cryptocurrency, and NFTs.

What are Anna Kendrick’s investments?

Anna Kendrick has a diversified investment portfolio. Her investments span across various sectors, including tech companies, lifestyle brands, real estate properties, as well as newer fields like cryptocurrency and NFTs. These investments have significantly contributed to her net worth.

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