TrueChain (TRUE) Price Prediction for 2023-2030

TrueChain is expected to increase by around 28-50% over the coming years. By 2023, TrueChain is expected to reach a price between $1.25 and $2.00. This would be driven by the continued growth of TrueChain’s lurking technology, which powers a variety of blockchain applications. As more businesses adopt TrueChain, the demand for the tokens will increase, thus driving price increases. Over and above that, TrueChain’s development team is continuously working on new projects that will also add value to the tokens.

TrueChain Price Prediction for 2024

It is likely that in 2024, TrueChain (TRUE) will experience further substantial growth due to the continued expansion of the blockchain infrastructure. TrueChain has the potential to become the leading blockchain platform, which would prompt increased demand for TrueChain tokens. We therefore predict that, by 2024, the price of TrueChain will be priced between $2.00 – $2.50.

TrueChain Price Prediction for 2025

In 2025, TrueChain may experience a slight drop as the market adjusts to new price points and technologies. However, the price should quickly recover with increasing interest and demand from businesses, developers and investors. By 2025, we forecast the price of TrueChain to be around $2.50 – $3.50.

TrueChain Price Prediction for 2026

The price of TrueChain is expected to keep increasing throughout 2026 due to rising demand from businesses and developers. The continuing development of blockchain technology is also likely to turn the attention of investors towards the TrueChain platform, pushing the price up. By 2026, we predict that the price of TrueChain will be around $3.50 – $4.25.

TrueChain Price Prediction for 2027

The outlook for TrueChain in 2027 is positive, with increasing demand anticipated as more businesses and developers turn to the blockchain ecosystem. Additionally, the presence of TrueChain in the mainstream market is expected to push prices up even further. We consequently predict that the price of TrueChain in 2027 will be between $4.25 – $5.50.

TrueChain Price Prediction for 2028

In 2028, TrueChain may experience a slight drop as the markets adjust to new prices and projects. Nevertheless, the price of TrueChain should recover quickly with the increasing penetration of blockchain technology and the introduction of new applications that utilize the TrueChain platform. We therefore predict that the price of TrueChain in 2028 will reach between $5.50 – $7.00.

TrueChain Price Prediction for 2029

The price of TrueChain in 2029 is expected to be considerably higher than in foregoing years due to its extensive use as a blockchain platform. With businesses increasingly turning to TrueChain, demand for the token will rise further, pushing the price up. By 2029, we anticipate that the price of TrueChain will reach between $7.00 – $9.00.

TrueChain Price Prediction for 2030

The TrueChain price forecast for 2030 is extremely positive. The increased use of TrueChain and its underlying technology, as well as its growing list of applications, will continue to drive the demand for TrueChain tokens and, thus, its price. By 2030, we expect the price of TrueChain to reach between $ 9.00 – $11.50.


In conclusion, TrueChain is expected to experience steady and substantial growth over the next decade. With continuing development, increased adoption, and expanding blockchain framework, the price od TrueChain is expected to reach heights well above the experienced in 2020. Furtheremore, with TrueChain becoming the leading blockchain platform, the the price of its tokens is only likely to rise further. The future of TrueChain looks overly promising, and investments in its tokens are expected to prove a lucrative option.


What is the purpose of TrueChain?

TrueChain, frequently called TRUE, is a public blockchain platform developed by Gary Yan, Alex Cheng, and Xianggan Dai in 2017. The purpose of TrueChain is to become a new generation of high-performance and secure blockchain infrastructure. It has been engineered to provide reliable and secure transactions, as well as a platform where developers can freely create, run and deploy distributed application (DAPP) services.

The TrueChain platform uses a ‘proof of true stake’ consensus algorithm, which eliminates the high energy consumption and long transaction times associated with proof of work algorithms. This leads to faster transactions, better security and higher scalability. Furthermore, the TrueChain platform provides an improved wallet service; development tools; a block explorer; and an SDK platform where developers can create, develop, and deploy DAPPs.

What features does TrueChain (TRUE) bring to the blockchain space?

TrueChain provides users a range of unique features and benefits as a blockchain platform. These include: faster transaction times due to low latency network layers and optimization of the underlying code; improved scalability of the core code; improved staking capabilities, with less user overhead; improved security due to advanced encryption algorithms and distributed architecture; improved governance with multi-signature management; and incentivized mining.

Furthermore, the TrueChain platform implements a range of innovative technologies, such as direct payments, instant consensus, optimized payload chains, decentralized-identify protocol linking, cryptography-based consensus, and a zero-knowledge proof system. All of these technologies enhance the security, performance, and scalability of the TrueChain blockchain.

How does TrueChain benefit developers?

TrueChain is designed to benefit both users and developers. For developers, the platform brings a range of powerful tools and features. This includes an SDK platform, where developers can create and launch distributed application (DAPP) services.

Additionally, TrueChain provides a unique decentralized-identity protocol linking system, which enables developers to confidently store and access service information with zero knowledge. Furthermore, developers can benefit from improved governance with multi-signature management, while developers can also make use of the zero-knowledge proof system. All of these features provide developers with a powerful and secure platform to build their applications.

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